Courtesy Evaluation

We feel that we can do better as a maturing beer market, so whether you have a current draft maintenance program in place, or are simply unsure how well your system is being cleaned and maintained, Better Beer Society is offering complimentary draft system evaluations in Minnesota.

This is part of a new campaign aimed at increasing retailer awareness and seeking to develop best-practice based standards among beer line cleaners in Minnesota, as the services can vary greatly.

We’ll look at everything in accordance with national best practices and give you a detailed report, complete with pictures. Our draft experts will leave their recommendations on any areas which can be improved, and provide you with the necessary info needed to implement best practices…what you elect to do with the info is entirely up to you. Everything is completely confidential and remains between us, you, and your current line cleaner.

In being completely transparent…

Beer Line Cleaning BBS

While we do offer our own comprehensive draft quality program, our motive for this campaign goes beyond potential sales. We simply can’t work with everybody, and we feel it’s time to do better and improve collectively as a market… I think we can all agree that our breweries deserve better, and consumers deserve better.

We’d like to work with you on these steps. It doesn’t cost you a thing. There will be no judgment or public knowledge, nor will there be any pressure from us whatsoever. We simply provide you with the facts to help you improve.

Contact us today to schedule a visit.

  • A short series of questions to help us better understand your draft system and maintenance program before we arrive.
  • (If you have one)