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Welcome to the Better Beer Society.

We’re an organization dedicated to the growth and awareness of craft beer through education, helping you achieve best practices in beer sales and service through our professional certification course and range of expert services.

For those looking for a more detailed description, there are many different aspects to the Better Beer Society, all of which fall under 3 main categories:

“Education. Dedication. Celebration.”


– We consult directly with retailers (bars, restaurants, taprooms), helping them to achieve maximum quality in their establishments when it comes to selling and serving craft beer by way of our staff training program. In order to facilitate these services, all instructors of the Better Beer Society will be certified as either Certified Cicerones®, as Beer Judge Certification Program judges, or both. These instructors are well versed in beer styles, history, service, and food pairings. Their knowledge will be tapped to facilitate the specific needs of our clients. Click our Education page to learn more.


In addition to the services we provide, and perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Better Beer Society, retailers are able to become “BBS Certified” through a series of evaluations centered around proper beer service, selection, storage, and knowledge. This certification will inform the community of the retailer’s commitment to quality beer and service, and promote the establishment as a destination for better beer. Interested in hearing more, or becoming “BBS Certified”? Click here.


All work and no play? Yeah, right. From time to time, Better Beer Society offers our own creative and unique events set up for the beer community, always centering around the theme of beer education. So, whether it’s one of our series of Blind Tasting events, educational beer dinners, or through our Better Beer Society University, you can be certain that the events will be fun, fresh, and always educational, because we believe that “An Educated Beer Drinker, is a Better Beer Drinker”.

There is a lot of work and diligence that goes into properly serving and selling beer. Some of these details are minor, but they can make all of the difference in the world and we feel it’s time that beer receives the respect it deserves…on every level.

Education is an extremely important factor in the continued success and growth of the craft beer industry, and we’re happy to do our part. Thank you for your support.

Cheers –

Robin Shellman
Founder / Certified Cicerone®

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