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Indeed Brewing

“Rob is fantastic. His wealth of beer knowledge is second only to his passion for the craft beer industry. He is always incredibly welcoming, kind-hearted and communicative which make him a pleasure to work with. Combine that with his creativity and ability to bring fresh ideas to the table, and Rob is a real asset for any creative team, and I hope to work with him again.”

Rachel Anderson
Co-owner / Indeed Brewing Co.


“612Brew is very happy to have worked with Robin and the Better Beer Society. The industry insight, from the relationships with other breweries, relationships with local bar and restaurant owners and the finger on the pulse of the craft beer scene truly sets the BBS apart from others in the industry. We look forward to working with Robin and the Better Beer Society, again!”

Robert Kasak

Summit Brewing

“Creativity, consistency and community have been a part of our DNA at Summit Brewing Company for three decades now. It’s these attributes and a shared interest in the advancement of the Minnesota craft beer scene that we look for in our business partners. It’s because of the continued commitment of the Better Beer Society to these and many other shared attributes that we choose to work with them. Education is fundamental to industry growth. Together Summit Brewing Company and the Better Beer Society have been striving to promote an intelligent and engaged consumer. We would like to raise a glass to the Better Beer Society for all that they have done to help benefit Summit Brewing Company and the craft beer industry as a whole.”

Ian Meredith
Metro Sales Manager

France 44 Wine & Spirits

“Better Beer Society and their Brand Advocates are true professionals. If it’s not the brewery rep hosting the event, they are the ONLY outside agency I allow to do tastings at France 44.”

Bill Nosan
Buyer & Manager
France 44

Breakthru Beverage

“We couldn’t ask for a better partnership. Better Beer Society’s knowledge and passion translates to consumers the way craft breweries among Breakthru Beverage portfolio want to be represented, always exceeding expectations with the Brand Advocate team.”

Ryan Ferebee
Craft Brand Manager
Breakthru Beverage