Staff Training

Better Beer Society would like to help educate you and your staff.

It is our goal to help you achieve best practices in beer sales and service through our professional certification course and range of expert services.

The major sections of the training encompass:

• Deconstructing & Understanding Beer
• Tasting and Sensory Evaluation
• Serving and Selling Beer
• Glassware Maintenance and Criteria
• Draught Systems & Troubleshooting
• Beer & Food Interactions
• Alcohol Training w/ ServSafe accreditation

Post-training, this monthly program is supported by scheduled audits ensuring adherence to training criteria along with valuable feedback.

Additional options include:

• Line Cleaning & Draft Maintenance
• Consulting (e.g. – menus, events)
• Continued Education (e.g. – study resources, online training access)

By contracting Better Beer Society to train your staff, you are asserting yourself as an establishment with higher standards for your beer program and the level of knowledge you’d like to have for your staff.

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