Better Beer Society University Showcase

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Better Beer Society University is coming back to Republic in 2018, and we’re excited to share first with you the new BBSU Showcase. The mission of BBSU is to use education to make craft beer culture accessible to everybody that enjoys a good beer. For more than four years, the original BBSU explored more than 60 different beer related topics with local, national, and international beer experts and was a formative experience for many in Minnesota’s beer community.

Our goal with the new BBSU Showcase is to capture the spirit that guided our earliest semesters. Each week we’ll sit down in an intimate conversation with the breweries that are continuing to push beer in Minnesota to new heights. You’ll get an opportunity to try rare and exclusive beers from all across the region and of course we’ll tackle valuable educational topics accessible to both aficionados and those just starting their beer journey, including:
Tasting, palate exploration and development
Beer styles and history
Beer and food pairings
Cooking with beer
Beer culture
Trends and business

We’re so excited for you to join us in 2018, back at the very same place it all began. Cheers!