Beer Professional Certification


With beer being one of the fastest growing segments in the world, the demand for increased beer knowledge and an understanding of best only continues to grow. As America’s beer culture continues to deepen and spread, there are vast opportunities for well- differentiated, high-quality entrants for selling and serving beer who will directly benefit from our program.

The BBS Beer Professional Certificate Program is an intensive, professional development program aimed at individuals seeking to begin or to further their career in the beer or restaurant/ hospitality industry. While this program is intended for industry professionals, this comprehensive course will also enrich the advanced beer enthusiast seeking to gain deeper knowledge.

This comprehensive program providesan in-depth study of beer through deconstructing and understanding its ingredients, styles, and process, as well
as palate development, tasting and sensory evaluation, proper beer sales & service, menu curation, beer and food interactions, draft system maintenance and troubleshooting, and the business of beer.

Our course focuses heavily on teaching hands-on to ensure a comprehensive understanding and to maximize a practical, applicable benefit for career-minded professionals.

Graduates of this program will approach any topics of beer with confidence and be a leader within their work environment as it relates to beer knowledge.

The goal of this program is to elevate industry standards for what it means to become a beer professional. Graduates of this program will achieve a true distinction in the marketplace and become immediate assets to any beer-related company seeking to hire well-rounded and knowledgeable staff, and achieve their own level of distinction.

Graduates of the program will automatically be entered in the Better Beer Society Certified Network. In addition to receiving a Certification of Completion, graduates will receive a letter of recommendation, as well as invites to our quarterly BBS Industry Social and Networking events.

• Restaurant and Hospitality industry
• Breweries and Tap Rooms
• Beer Wholesalers
• Off-Premise Retail
• Beer Educators
• Marketing & Public Relations
• Trade Organizations

• Deconstructing & Understanding Beer (history, ingredients, process, styles)
• Tasting & Sensory Evaluation (palate development, tasting technique & off- avor recognition)
• Sales & Service (best practices for handling, storing and serving beer)
• Draft (system components, gas, practical troubleshooting, maintenance)
• Beer & Food (vocabulary, interactions, cooking, pairing elements & process)
• Business of Beer (three-tier, laws & regulations, nancials, demographics)
• Culture & Marketing (trends, managing reviews, digital, social networking)
• Off-Premise Retail (purchasing, inventory, rotation)

• Learn from industry experts
• Networking with established industry
• Unique experience and opportunity to
create new distinction

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