BBS Certified

Each month our trained staff of Certified Cicerones® will conduct random evaluations on bars & restaurants across Minnesota, checking for specific criteria such as: “beer clean” glassware, proper pouring techniques, clean draft lines, proper keg temps, keg rotation, freshness dates, etc…

Once an establishment passes our checklist, we will deem that establishment “BBS Certified”, and award them a plaque and/or window display (much like a restaurant grade) allowing them to showcase themselves as an establishment where beer enthusiasts should choose to drink.

BBSC (BBS Certified) establishments are also featured on our website, highlighting those who are going above and beyond, ensuring quality serving practices for their guests. We also feature a map listing on our website of certified establishments as a resource to our society fans, as well as tourists.

I should point out that we are not looking to exploit those establishments who do not meet our criteria; we are simply looking to raise awareness and improve the level of quality in better beer establishments across Minnesota, and recognize and celebrate those establishments who do.

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Certification Checklist

BBS Certified

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Beer Lines
  • Beer lines cleaned regularly according to Brewers Association guidelines.
  • No off-flavors detectable.
Beer Clean Glassware
  • Clean glassware lends beer stable head and nice lacing; no frozen glassware.
  • All beers are served with proper head and pouring technique.
Matching Glassware
  • Glassware matched to beer based on style and strength.
  • Bar staff demonstrates basic knowledge regarding all styles and beers served.
  • Moderate selection featuring a high percentage of craft brewed beers.
Food (if served)
  • Basic offering of beer accompaniments (i.e. - breads, meats & cheeses).