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This course was designed to give students a higher beer education, educating them on all aspects of the beer industry. Here at Better Beer Society University, we pride ourselves on having students from all levels, so whether you are just beginning your exploration with craft beer, an experienced homebrewer, or an active member within the beer industry, we have something for you.

An educated beer drinker is a better beer drinker. Welcome to BBSU!


Dean: Robin Shellman
Professor: Michael Agnew
Administration: Kelsi Moffitt, Rachel Gall, Melinda Hedberg & Megan Parker

Recap of 2015 Spring Syllabus

March 4 / Inside the Festival Circuit (w/ special guests)
March 11 / “Northern Brewer” Night (w/ Certified Cicerone┬« Jeff Merriman)
March 18 / American-Style (Import Inspiration) w/ Sir Lanny Hoff
March 25 / Importance of Glassware (w/ Michael Agnew)
April 1 / Historic / Revived Styles w/ Dr. Kristen England
April 8 / “Water” with famed author John Palmer
April 15 / FIELD TRIP! (Understanding Canning Lines @ Indeed Brewing Co.)
April 22 / Art of Beer (w/ Adam Turman, DWITT, Michael Berglund & Brent Schoonover)
April 29 / Versus class (Differences between an American IPA vs. English IPA)
May 6 / Camping with Beer (w/ Midwest Mountaineering)
May 13 / An Evening with AB-InBev (w/ 5th Gen Brewmaster George Reisch)
May 20 / Closing Ceremony / Final Exam


Homework will be assigned at the discretion of the Professors and will be related to the topic covered on that evening. All homework assignments are optional and are meant to broaden your knowledge and allow you to put new information or skills to use. Prizes will be awarded throughout the semester for those who participate in completing homework assignments. Please be considerate to your fellow students and guest speakers by keeping your phones on silent and conversations quiet and to a minimum.


Special thanks go out to each of our sponsors who show their continued support for beer education. Please help us by supporting them.

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Rob Shellman
Dean / Founder of BBS & BBSU